Supporting Continuous Business Process Improvements Initiatives

Anderson Yates combines innovative technology, business process management, change managements and experience to deliver solutions that drive continuous business performance improvements for our clients. Our senior consultants have over 15 years’ experience of successful national and global implementation of CRM, ERP and BI & Analytics solutions.

We are with you on your journey of continuous business performance improvements helping you to minimise risks and maximise your return on investment (ROI). Our hands-on proactive approach complements your implementation team –enabling them to focus on core business activities.

You can start where you are in your journey to achieve profitable agile data driven culture. Our first priority is to work with you to identify information value in your business for operational needs, Risk and Competitiveness and to identify how best to achieve your performance improvement goals within your budget.

We are a certified consulting partner for leading software suppliers and have in-depth knowledge of our solutions.

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BI & Analytics

Businesses are relying on Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics to drive operational performance and growth in an increasingly complex environment. Our senior consultants have over 15 years’ experience of successful implementation of BI & Analytics solutions before or after ERP implementation. Some clients have reported an easier adoption of ERP due to their BI & Analytics success.

Business Intelligence and Analytics software provides easy access to relevant information from your ERP, CRM, Legacy and “home grown” systems. It is ironic that companies often implement a new ERP solution without considering the information requirements that give them the competitive edge. Our consultants work with client’s management team to identify information value for operational need, risk and competitiveness. Anderson Yates BI & Analytics Service provides clients with a clear and simple path to unlocking the information, knowledge and value in the company’s business data.

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Business Process Improvements (BPI)

Improving business processes is the foundation of improving the performance of the business. Anderson Yates’ BPI service supports System Selection, System Implementation, and Business Intelligence. A strong foundation will improve the efficiency and success of the whole project by improving the efficiency of your internal and external teams, and reducing the time to benefit of the new business processes.

Business Process Improvement (BPI) services focus on streamlining processes, improving access to information, and eliminating process waste which improves productivity, decision making, and the utilisation of assets and resources.

Our BPI Process consists of:
• Information Value Analysis
• Business Process Analysis
• Business Process best practices Education
• Business Process Mapping, Definition and Process Requirements
• Business Value Assessment

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CRM, ERP and BI & Analytics Selection

A CRM, ERP & Business Intelligence Selection project is a key component to a successful ERP implementation. Implementation projects that fail to attain expectations can be traced back to poorly executed ERP Selection projects.

Selecting and implementing a new CRM, ERP & Business Intelligence system is one of most resource-intensive decisions a mid-market company can face. Many companies gain value from teaming with independent experts for an effective approach to their Business System selection. Assisted by the right consulting team results in reduce risk, effort, resources and cost of the Business Systems selection process.

Anderson Yates Consultants employ a “business process” evaluation methodology to evaluate ERP suppliers. Our CRM, ERP and BI Selection services are integrated with the Business Process Improvement services, CRM, ERP & Business Intelligence Implementation services. The integration of all of these services makes our client teams more efficient, reducing overall “time to benefit.”

Our proven implementation process includes:
• Software functional fit to meet the business process requirements
• Supplier’s presence and strength in our client’s industry
• Supplier’s technology direction
• Supplier’s support ecosystem
• Total cost of ownership

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CRM, ERP & BI Implementation

Unfortunately, there are many horror stories of failed ERP implementations, cost over-runs, time delays, disruptions in operations and worse. Now, mid-market companies can avoid these pitfalls with proven ERP implementation support expertise.

ERP systems impact almost every aspect of a company, so the success of an ERP implementation is of the utmost importance. Our team of independent consultants support mid-market companies reduce the chance of implementation problems by helping to manage complexity, risk, user acceptance and data integration challenges.

Anderson Yates Implementation services include:

• Pre-implementation information value assessment & Business Process Improvements
• Implementation Training & Education
• Design & Configuration
• Data Conversion
• Quality Control
• User Acceptance Testing
• Go live
• Post Implementation Review

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Project Management

Project management is key to a successful implementation. Inadequate project management has played a major role in failed implementations. A qualified, dedicated project manager is rule number one in all successful system implementations.

The Project Manager is responsible for managing the resources and the plan. The Project Manager will report directly to an executive steering committee. The project team, both supplier and client, report to the Project Manager. The team members are responsible for completing their tasks according to the plan.

Project Management Services include:
• Project Planning
• Communication & Reporting
• Project Monitoring

In addition to acting as client’s Project Manager, our consultants can fill the following roles:
• Assistant Project Manager
• Business Team Leader – where client do not have or have the time to allocate to the implementation
• Steering Committee Member / Advisor

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Change Management

Anderson Yates Change Management services ensure clients are better able to integrate and align the people, processes, structures, and culture to business strategy to ensure a successful implementation and transition to the new system.

Effective change management supplements traditional project management activities. Given the magnitude and complexity of the transition to new systems such as CRM, ERP & Business Intelligence, traditional project management methods alone are not sufficient.

Anderson Yates change management method focuses on the followings:
• Ensure readiness for change
• Ensure project alignment
• Develop and manage project communication
• Develop and manage training

Anderson Yates helps companies get the right approach to the team, the resources, and organisational commitment to ensure that staff can function as “change agents” within the company for lasting business process improvement.

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