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Anderson Yates introduces Business Intelligence for Salesforce and Sage users

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Anderson Yates introduces Business Intelligence for Salesforce and Sage users

Salesforce and Sage users can enjoy the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics immediately with Panintelligence. Connectors and pre-configured dashboard and analytics for Salesforce and Sage are available from Anderson Yates. In addition to standard integration, Panintelligence enables Salesforce users to connect the cloud CRM with Sage & other on premise and cloud accounting/ERP databases.  Here are answer to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Can we combine Salesforce CRM data to my Accounting, Production, E-Commerce and warehousing data?  Our acconting and production data are on -premise but our e-commerce and warehousing data are in the cloud.

Panintelligence can connect to any of 24 commercial databases both on premise and in the cloud including IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SAP and SQL Server OLAP as standard. We can connect Salesforce CRM data with your accounting data to deliver visibility of customer payment history to improve cashflow and collection.

Can we access our dashboard and reports using any device?

Yes, Panintelligence dashboard is a browser based application that can be accessed on any device.

We wish to deploy Panintelligence on our own servers – is this possible?

Yes, Panintelligence is licensed to enable companies to choose the best deployment model to suit their business.  The application can be hosted on a private or public cloud.

How secure is our data and will any data be cached on local device or machine?

Panintelligence is the only PCI compliant Business Intelligence and Analytics tool approved for use in the Financial Services industry.  By design, the software uses server procesing.  No local procesing or Caching takes place on your device or client machine.

Find out how Panintelligence is used in this  services industry video.  For more information or to arrange a Proof of Concept for your company, please call 01223 257769 or email: BI@andersonyates.co.uk.


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Anderson Yates expands BI & Analytics practice to SMEs by partnering with Panintelligence

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Anderson Yates expands BI & Analytics practice to SMEs by partnering with Panintelligence

Anderson Yates, niche consultancy providing Business Intelligence, Project & Change Management and Implementation Services for Netsuite CRM, PSA, SRP, ERP and E-Commerce solutions today announces that it has signed a consulting partner agreement with Panintelligence, provider of real-time web-based reporting and dashboard tools for SMBs.

 Panintelligence brings ready-made reports and dashboards for Sage and Salesforce.com user communities to meet growing SMBs’ demand for cost effective, easy to use, real-time self-service reports, analytics and dashboards.

Anderson Yates plans to develop further reports and dashboards by combining multiple sources of cloud and on premise data for IT/Technology, Professional Services, Non-Profit, E-Commerce and Distribution companies.
The Panintelligence dashboard is business intelligence software that tracks KPIs, monitors individual, team and corporate goals in real-time, and promotes collaboration across the organisation.  It is used by key ERP software vendors to provide real-time collaborative dashboards for their solutions.  The company has also developed dashboards that integrate Salesforce CRM data with other company data held in ERP/Accounting, Warehouse and Production systems. Business Intelligence reports and dashboards for Sage products are also available.

Anderson Yates and Panintelligence plan to create additional reports and dashboards to other cloud and on-premise systems, where the existing solution is either too expensive or too complex for SMEs to manage.

Panintelligence scores highly in Anderson Yates’ evaluation of Business Intelligence tools for SMEs.  The three compelling key differentiators provided are:

  • Ease of implementation – one click deployment on server or a stand-alone PC and the installer does the rest.  Create an ODBC Link and you can get charts in minutes with Panintelligence.  All using familiar drag and drop functions.  This gives users confidence to create more complex reports and dashboards.
  • Charts and reports, including drill down reports are produced using drag and drop functionality, no coding.  This provides a real-time self-service BI and analytics tool accessible to business managers and not just IT.
  • The Panintelligence team focuses on building long lasting mutually beneficial and supportive relationships and values continuous improvements based on customer feedback.

The product will sit alongside Anderson Yates’ current Agile Self Service Enterprise Business Intelligence offering Reportive which is now owned by the US Group IMS Health.

Panintelligence users do not need to understand cube development or other data warehousing techniques.  It is therefore an ideal tool for use by business managers within SMBs.  Available on premise or as a SaaS solution, clients can choose the most suitable model for their business. See Panintelligence in action here.  To see Panintelligence for Sage or to discuss your requirements, email: BI@andersonyates.co.uk or call 01223 257769.

About Panintelligence

Panintelligence is a UK based software company that provides business intelligence software solutions to customers across a range of industries.

The Panintelligence dashboard is a flexible and intuitive business intelligence application that provides access to real-time data allowing businesses to make more informed decisions. It presents complex data in a visual and easy to digest format as a series of interactive charts and graphs. We offers businesses a short lead-time to market, allowing them to move from a pilot to a customer facing BI solution in a matter of weeks. Priding itself on being easy to work with, having dedicated points of contact and a simple licensing model, Panintelligence makes it easy to deploy and manage its solution. Working in close partnership with all of its customers, Panintelligence helps them to deliver the best solution to market and provides ongoing product support.  http://www.Panintelligence.com

About Anderson Yates

Anderson Yates provides advice and assistance for companies planning or undergoing business transformation projects.  Our team specialises in successful delivery of Agile Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and ERP / Accounting solutions to the Professional Services, Engineering, Technology, Retail and Non-Profit organisations.

Anderson Yates also delivers cloud native ERP solutions based on NetSuite SRP (Services Resource Planning), Open Air Professional Services Automation, Manufacturing, Warehouse & Disribution & SuiteCommerce.  www.andersonyates.co.uk


For more information contact tricia@andersonyates.co.uk or zandra.moore@panintelligence.com

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