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Anderson Yates introduces Business Intelligence for Salesforce and Sage users

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Anderson Yates introduces Business Intelligence for Salesforce and Sage users

Salesforce and Sage users can enjoy the benefits of Business Intelligence and Analytics immediately with Panintelligence. Connectors and pre-configured dashboard and analytics for Salesforce and Sage are available from Anderson Yates. In addition to standard integration, Panintelligence enables Salesforce users to connect the cloud CRM with Sage & other on premise and cloud accounting/ERP databases.  Here are answer to frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Can we combine Salesforce CRM data to my Accounting, Production, E-Commerce and warehousing data?  Our acconting and production data are on -premise but our e-commerce and warehousing data are in the cloud.

Panintelligence can connect to any of 24 commercial databases both on premise and in the cloud including IBM DB2, Oracle, MySQL, SAP and SQL Server OLAP as standard. We can connect Salesforce CRM data with your accounting data to deliver visibility of customer payment history to improve cashflow and collection.

Can we access our dashboard and reports using any device?

Yes, Panintelligence dashboard is a browser based application that can be accessed on any device.

We wish to deploy Panintelligence on our own servers – is this possible?

Yes, Panintelligence is licensed to enable companies to choose the best deployment model to suit their business.  The application can be hosted on a private or public cloud.

How secure is our data and will any data be cached on local device or machine?

Panintelligence is the only PCI compliant Business Intelligence and Analytics tool approved for use in the Financial Services industry.  By design, the software uses server procesing.  No local procesing or Caching takes place on your device or client machine.

Find out how Panintelligence is used in this  services industry video.  For more information or to arrange a Proof of Concept for your company, please call 01223 257769 or email: BI@andersonyates.co.uk.


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